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Our Guarantee

18-Month No Fray Warranty
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18-Month No-Fray Warranty details:

  • • Flags must have their original label attached.
  • • Warranty applies to 400 denier nylon in sizes 6 " x 8", 13½” x 20”, and 18” x 25” only.
  • • Customers must return flags to Prestige Flag for inspection at the customers’ expense.
  • • Any repaired or replaced flags are covered under this warranty at no charge to the customer will be returned with no freight charge.
  • • Should the flags in question meet all of the warranty requirements, we will repair or replace at our discretion.
  • • Should we decide to replace the flags with a new flag and your flag is older than 12 months, we reserve the right to invoice for the prorated basis.
  • • This warranty does not cover fading, soiling, punctures or vandalism.
  • • This warranty does not cover chipping, flaking, or cracking of silkscreened logos.
  • • This warranty does not cover fading or unraveling of embroidered thread. These issues are covered under our basic warranty program.